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Statement by the SC of the Visa-free Europe Coalition “On Planned Amendments to Rules of Entering to Ukraine”

With a great concern we have learnt about the planned amendments to procedures of crossing of state border of Ukraine, currently elaborated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and presented to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, that will hinder entering to Ukraine by foreign citizens. We call on Ukrainian authorities to refrain from any rapid actions, taken merely on grounds of political struggle, that may lead to isolation of Ukraine and limit social, economical and cultural contacts between Ukraine and abroad.

Recent media information announced, that the government of Ukraine is preparing two decisions amending procedures of entering to Ukraine:

  • To introduce a fee for entering a personal data of traveler to a dedicated database, being in fact a fee for crossing a state border, charged for every entering to Ukraine.
  • To introduce a requirement of presenting of financial resources for the stay in Ukraine in amount of at least EUR 400 per day, in cash or on the basis of bank statement.

Those decisions are said to be introduced on the instruction of Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to improve state’s security, along with other legal steps. They may be considered as an alternative for re-introduction of visa regime for citizens of a number of states, especially USA and EU Member States, which might be difficult due to legally binding agreements on facilitation of issuance of visas. However, likewise a visa obligation, abovementioned decisions will effect in decrease of number of foreigners visiting Ukraine.

Having in mind an impressive effort made by Ukrainian authorities in order to sign visa facilitation agreement with the EU and to fulfill all the criteria listed in an Action Plan for Visa Liberalisation, we call on Ukrainian Government not to take this step back and to cease works on any amendments to legislation that will lead to isolation of the state and harm EU-Ukraine relations.

Warsaw, 30.01.2014

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