UK to Implement New Order for Visa Applicants from Armenia

The citizens of the Republic of Armenia, intending to leave for the United Kingdom, should know that a new procedure will function for the reception of the visa applications from April 2014. The reception of the applications will be held only twice a week and for  the visas the Armenian citizens should apply not to the British Embassy, but a new visa center, headed by a private company.

“What we are planning to have in Armenia is based on the models in the countries that have a similar amount of applications. When the UK government decided to change the processes of the visa applications across the world based on the amount of the applications they make every year. So, as the applications from Armenia do not exceed 5000 annually, it means that we are going to have an operation, which requires an additional fee of  59 pound sterling to be paid for the services”, – said Chris Waite, the UK Operations Manager for Turkey, Northern Cyprus, the Caucasus and Central Asia, stating that the frequency of the reception of the visa applications is also conditioned by their amount. In case if the number of the applications increases, the receptions days as well will be added. The working hours are still in the clarification process.

No changes have been made in the visa fee and the required documents, though their review will be held in the UK Visa and Immigration Department in Sheffield. The private company is responsible only for the technical part of the customer’s service and documents’ reception. The additional 59 pound sterling will be paid for the services provided by the private company.

“The UK government has joint priorities, the first of which is to provide access only to the brightest and best people to come to live, work and study in the UK, providing for that a clear and transparent and fair procedure. And the second priority is to protect our national border. We are not a part of the Schengen area and have our unique system accepted in all the countries. So we need to make sure that our visa system will leave aside those, who violate the procedure”, – said Jonathan Verney, Operations Manager of UK Visa and Immigration Department.


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