EU-EaP Visa Liberalisation Summary of Recent Developments (November 2013 – January 2014)

During the reported period, many developments  linked to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius at the end of November 2013, took place.

Although assessment of the Summit was dominated by disappointment at the non-signature by Ukraine of an Association Agreement with the EU, it was a fruitful event from the perspective of visa facilitation and liberalisation between the EU and EaP countries.

Nevertheless, the decision of the Ukrainian government to suspend the process of European integration led to massive protests (“Euromaidan”), riots in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, as well as repressions, which harmed the EU-Ukraine dialogue. You can find more information about visa facilitation and liberalisation process here.

The whole document in pdf: Visa developments 11.2013-01.2014 – Visa-free Europe Coalition

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