EU Halts Visa Talks with Russia over Ukraine

EU leaders meeting on Ukraine have agreed to suspend visa negotiations with Russia, threatening further sanctions if Moscow refuses to engage in talks on the crisis.

In Brussels, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy told reporters, ‘Russia must withdraw’.

‘‘We have today decided to take action including those envisaged by the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on March 3. Notably to suspend bilateral talks with the Russian Federation on visa matters as well as talks with the Russian Federation on a new agreement. We support the decision of the European members of the G8 and the EU institutions to suspend their participation in the G8 summit preparations until further notice,’‘ The EU Council President said.

The EU also agreed to sign an association agreement with Ukraine ahead of elections scheduled for May.

Van Rompuy described the crisis in Ukraine as the “most serious challenge to security on our continent since the Balkan wars” of the 1990s.’‘


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