Emergency situations require emergency measures, says Štefan Füle

Plenary meeting with Ukrainian authorities

Kyiv, 26 March 2014

‘I am so happy to be here.

You have just shown that emergency situations require emergency measures. I we will treat those pieces of legislations in an appropriate way and I hope very much that they will allow us, on the issue of visa liberalisation, very soon to move Ukraine from the first stage to the second stage. I understand that this is an issue which should be appreciated – and will be appreciated – by all Ukrainians and in the meantime, you know that we will be ready to talk about the best way to enjoy visa facilitation. There are still some reserves we have there.

But we have not come now to talk about this one specific issue. This is an unprecedented delegation – we brought two Commissioners, ten Director-Generals or Deputy Director-Generals from the Commission, a couple of Heads of Cabinet or Deputy Heads of Cabinet. And we have not come empty handed. After last week you have started the signature procedure of the Association Agreement. We have come with a document, the European Agenda as we started to call it, which is focusing on economy but not only on the economy. It is a tool of political steering for the authorities in Ukraine and also for the Commission in Brussels to prepare Ukraine for the implementation of the Association Agreement, to help Ukraine to tackle and address the in most efficient European way for facing the most important challenges. And later on this is going to be also a tool to guide us through the implementation of the Association Agreement, during the process of provisional application of the treaty, which we hope will become reality soon after we complete the signing procedure.

This tool is going to be a public document. We are not here to make any secret deals. We want that document to be not only the property of the government but all Ukrainians. It will also be the property of not only the Commission but also of member states in their own efforts to help Ukraine to make the best use of this unprecedented treaty we are signing.

The road map, dorozhnya karta, is full of concrete measures we offer to support Ukraine. We will then see later today during our meeting, whether we are already able to include the corresponding Ukrainian steps and measures. I am sure that the Prime Minister will agree to assign time, to fill the gap if there is going to be any. And I hope very much that this is going to be one of those papers which is not going to be only a paper. I hope very much that, in this joint endeavour with the commitment of this government, in an inclusive process, you will be able to turn it into the set of actions with short-term and medium term benefits for all Ukrainians and the whole Ukraine with benefits not only for the West, the East and for the centre but for the whole Ukraine.

Thank you.’

Štefan Füle

European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy

Source: europa.eu

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