EU Parliament: Moldova May Apply to Join EU

Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine have the right to join the European Union if they comply with the conditions for the status of candidate. The statement, issued in a non-legislative resolution, was made last Thursday by the European Parliament.

The resolution states that Moldova has the right to request joining the EU, recalling that the Association Agreement (AA) is not the final goal of the relations between Moldova and the EU.

The resolution “points out in this connection that, pursuant to Article 49 of the TEU, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – like any other European state – have a European perspective and may apply to become members of the Union provided that they adhere to the principles of democracy, respect fundamental freedoms and human and minority rights and ensure the rule of law.”

Moldovan Premier Iurie Leanca welcomed the resolution: “This is another step forward for the European perspective of our country, which means that the Republic of Moldova is firmly going in the direction of becoming a [EU] candidate,” Mr. Leanca said. “Our country is prepared to claim this right.”

Early in April this year, Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti said that Moldova seeks to gain its status of prospective EU member in the summer of 2015, at the Riga Eastern Partnership Summit.


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