Posted on 12.06.2014 in Featured, News, Russia

Entry Fee to be Charged for Foreigners Entering Russia without Visas?

A new bill has been introduced to the Russian Federation (RF) State Duma (Parliament), pursuant to which entry fees will be charged for foreign citizens who enter Russia without visas.

The person behind this bill is Oleg Nilov, a member of the Just Russia faction at the Duma.

The draft law imposes a ban on the non-visa entry to Russia for foreign nationals, or stateless persons, if the entry fee is not paid in advance.

The RF Government determines the amount and payment procedures of the fee, reported ITAR-TASS news agency of Russia.

Nilov stressed that, “The introduction of such a fee is conditioned on the intent to reduce budget spending for returning foreign nationals, or stateless persons, whether it be [by way of] deportation, or administrative expulsion from the RF territory.”


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