Eastern Partnership: Young Leaders Forum at the European Parliament – Apply Now!

The Eastern Partnership-EU Young Leaders Forum will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on December 8-11, 2014. The Forum – attended by young leaders from both the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries – consists of several round tables where participants discuss among themselves or with Members of the European Parliament, representatives of other EU Institutions or experts and external guest speakers. The deadline for applicants is 10 October.

Three young leaders aged 20-35 from each of the following countries can participate in the forum: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and six from the EU. Participants may be involved in politics, academia, business or civil society.

“Civil society lies at the heart of the EU’s Eastern Partnership,” said the announcement; “and yet, often the youth have to struggle hard to be recognized as actors of change, to participate in public life and to take forward democratic developments. Hosting Young Leaders from both EU and the EU’s neighbourhood is above all a networking exercise to link them up amongst themselves as well as with some of the EU’s key political players.”

The idea of the Young Leaders Forum came up on the basis of the experience of successful meetings, first held in 2008 with young leaders from the EU’s southern neighbours. The European Parliament then decided to open this programme to participants from both eastern and southern neighborhood of the EU in 2013. The Forum is meant to take advantage of the European Parliament as an environment where participants can build confidence and trust.

The aim of the forum is to foster mutual understanding and developing converging visions at a stage of the participants’ careers when their responsibilities still allow for unconventional thinking: “it can be considered a modest, although concrete, investment of the European Parliament in the human capital and the leadership of tomorrow – in the EU, but also beyond the EU”.

All costs will be covered by the European Parliament.

Source: www.enpi-info.eu

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