Apply Now: Ukrainian Regional Media Invited to Compete for Best Coverage of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Implementation

Regional media in Ukraine are being invited to take part in a competition for the best coverage of issues related to the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement/DCFTA (AA). The contest, announced as part of the Synergy in Action project, funded by the British Embassy to Ukraine and supported by the EU Delegation in Kyiv, aims to foster cooperation between business, the government, NGOs and the media, and to stimulate practical interest of all stakeholders in its effective implementation.

The winners will be nominated in five categories: analytical article, interview, report/coverage, TV/Radio storyline, and special focus.

The jury consists of the British Embassy representatives and leading journalists covering European integration.

Olexiy Kurka, co-chairman of the jury and information policy coordinator of the British Embassy to Ukraine, stressed the need to disseminate practical information about the benefits and challenges of the Association Agreement. “The local mass media play an important role insofar as they, by definition, are very close to their communities. Our project is aimed at contributing to this,” he said.

The contest will last until 8 December. The award ceremony will be held at the British Embassy in Kyiv.

More details about the competition can be found here (in Ukrainian).

The project, Synergy in Action: a Regional Dialogue to Advance the Reforms for the Implementation of the Association Agreement (AA), including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (FTA) and Local Public Awareness about the Benefits of the Agreement, aims to stimulate practical interest among Ukrainian stakeholders, especially at the region al level, in the effective implementation of the Association Agreement.


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