Azerbaijan to Facilitate Visa Issuing Process

As a new tourist destination, Azerbaijan is planning to facilitate visa issuing processes. The country which hosted 2.5 million foreigners in 2013 plans to attract more tourists especially during the first European Games that will be held in Baku on June 12-28, 2015.

Magnificent nature, wordless architecture, captivating history and authentic culture all these are combined in Azerbaijan in a good style. To provide the tourists with conditions to enjoy all the wealth of the Land Of Fire, Azerbaijan has already simplified its visa regime with the European Union. It is also ready to sign similar documents with other countries including Switzerland and Norway.

Some 527 hotels functioning in Azerbaijan are ready to accommodate about 35,000 people. The country has also implemented additional measures to improve visa issuing. For the efficient organization of the issuance of visa, the Cabinet of Ministers will adopt a number of new measures.

First, all the embassies and consulates of Azerbaijan operating in foreign countries will be connected together by a subsystem called ‘Visa’. The special technical service will be created to support operation of the subsystem. Moreover, the Azerbaijani embassies will be provided with satellite communication via telecommunications satellite ‘Azerspace-1’ to improve the exchange of information between the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan in foreign countries and the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. Then, the subsystem will be integrated into a single migration information system in the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan.

In order to ensure the efficiency of visa issuance, the number of full-time personnel of embassies and consulates of Azerbaijan in foreign countries, as well as in the Foreign Ministry will be increased. The qualification of the interagency system “Entry-exit and registration” will also be carried out before the European Games.

Only 200 days are left before the grand event, and the country prepares to host more than 6,000 athletes, and 3,000 accompanying staff from the National Olympic Committees of Europe across 17 days of competition, in what will be the largest sporting event in Azerbaijan’s history.

Finally, the Foreign Ministry will organize a permanent training course for the staff directly involved in visa applications at embassies and consulates. Implementation of all these measures will make the visit to Azerbaijan more pleasant and unforgettable.


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