Posted on 09.12.2014 in Featured, News, Russia

Changes to Russian Visa Applications

The Russian Federation has announced that as of 10 December 2014 it will implement a new visa requirement. From this date, all applicants from the UK, Denmark, Myanmar, Namibia and the Russian Foreign Ministry’s representative office at the border crossing in Vnukovo International Airport will have to provide biometric data – fingerprints – when applying for Russian visas.

Those thinking of travelling to the country will have to attend the embassy in person to provide all necessary documents, and anyone who refuses to comply with the new regulations will not be issued with a visa.

The Russian Embassy’s website describes the changes as a ‘pilot project’ that will be implemented at the above destinations before being ‘gradually introduced at all Russian diplomatic missions and consular offices.’

The website goes on to say that `the fingerprinting procedure should not be considered as a tightening of Russia’s visa policy, but rather an essential element of its modernization,’ noting that similar requirements are already in place in the visa procedures of the US and the UK. It further declares that the new procedure’s main objective is to ‘improve the security of the visas issued in the context of preventing illegal migration, terrorism and other illegal activities.’

The new requirement will not affect the issuing of diplomatic and official visas, nor will it apply to any application for individuals under the age of 12.


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