Latvia Views Positively Implementation of Local Border Traffic Agreement with Belarus

Latvia has a positive opinion of the implementation of its local border traffic agreement with Belarus, Andrejs Pildegovics, state secretary at the Latvian foreign ministry, told reporters in Minsk on Friday.

“From our perspective the project works and does so well,” he said. “Several thousand people on both sides [of the border] have been using this regime. This is a very good example of cooperation. We would like there to be more such examples.” Belarus signed local border traffic agreements with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as far back as 2010.

Under the agreements, people who reside within 30 kilometers of the shared border would be allowed to cross it without a visa if they had a special local border traffic permit, which would allow them to stay within the 30-kilometer border zone on the other side of the border for up to a total of 90 days within a year.

Such permits would be issued for a period of up to five years. To be eligible, a person would have to have resided in the area for no less than one year. Also eligible would be the spouses of such persons and their children under 18 years of age. The local border traffic agreement with Latvia took effect on February 1, 2012.
Belarus has refused to implement the agreements with Poland and Lithuania, citing problems in political relations with the countries.


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