Better Services for Georgian Citizens: EU Support for Improved Services

The EU has disbursed a package of €8 million to Georgia, as part of its support to the country to meet specific provisions of the Association Agreement. The support will focus on improving services to citizens through expertise and technical assistance to increase the quality of service in parts of the public administration, and by contributing to the adoption of environmental legislation, in line with EU standards.

The beneficiaries support will be Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Recourses (€3 million), Data Exchange Agency (€1.3 million), Parliament of Georgia (€1 million), Inter-Agency Gender Equality Commission (€2.4 million) and Information and awareness for Georgian Citizens (€0.3 million).

The EU is already supporting Georgia with a €20 million package for the preparation and implementation of provisions of the AA/DCFTA, Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements.


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