EaP Civil Society Conference in Riga to Discuss Progress and Future Possibilities for Partnership

The achievements and challenges of civil society involvement in the Eastern Partnership, its role in the process of strengthening regional security, mechanisms for strengthening civil society, and future issues of EaP policy – these are among the questions to be addressed by hundreds of civil society representatives from EU and EaP countries as well as politicians and experts at a conference to take place in Riga, Latvia, on 20-21 May.

The aim of the EaP Civil Society Conference is to strengthen civil society and involve it in the planning and implementation of EaP policy. The conference is organised by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, the Centre for East European Policy Studies and the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation, with the participation of the EaP Civil Society Forum.

Participants will discuss issues closely related to those discussed at the EaP Summit, including achievements and challenges of the policy, and will consider recommendations on more effective ways to achieve its goals.

Source: enpi-info.eu

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