Ukraine: Towards Visa-free Regime (№ 3)

One of the main reasons for the European Union to maintain a visa requirement for citizens of third countries is to control the inflow of foreigners into the EU. Before visa liberalisation – i.e. the lifting of the visa requirement – is possible, a third country, so in this case Ukraine, has to modernise its migration management system in two aspects: the first is aimed at improving the situation of immigrants from other third countries on its territory so that it does not become for them a transfer country to the EU, by introducing asylum procedures and fighting trafficking in human beings. The second aims at improving the control the irregular migration of its citizens to the EU, by introducing biometric passports, modern border management etc.

This document can be read in English: No 3 – Towards visa-free regime – Ukraine

and in Polish: No 3 – Na drodze do ruchu bezwizowego – Ukraina

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