Poroshenko Unhappy with Pace of Ukraine-EU Visa Liberalization Plan Implementation

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will hold a meeting with the ministers in charge of technical projects under the Ukraine-EU visa liberalization plan on June 10.

“With regard to visa-free travel, I’m not satisfied with the way we are carrying out the technical tasks. I had a meeting on this matter and set clear deadlines. I also brought the matter up at a meeting of the National Council on Reform and one more meeting with the participation of all ministers responsible will take place on June 10,” Poroshenko said at a press conference in Kyiv on Friday. He said that all the technical issues will be settled.

Poroshenko said the process is hampered by corruption, as well as incompetence or opposition by some officials.

“We are told that it is absolutely impossible to combine the databases of the Border Service, the customs, veterinary and other services… The customs clearance process takes three days, because every piece of paper needs to be collected and registered. This will have to stop. And until September we will find experts which can merge the databases,” he said.

Poroshenko said the head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine has resigned, which was reported on Thursday by the interior minister.

“This will happen to anyone who will disrupt the presidential task on the implementation of technical conditions for the introduction of the visa-free regime, because a country which has 45 million people cannot be a hostage and victim of corruption or lack of professionalism, or ineffectiveness of its officials,” Poroshenko said.

Source: en.interfax.com.ua

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