Schengen States Have Constructive Attitude to Visas for Belarusians, Says EU Diplomat

The Schengen Area`s states have a very constructive attitude as far as it concerns the issuance of visas to Belarusian citizens, Rodolphe Richard, head of the Political, Press and Information Section at the EU Delegation to Belarus, told reporters in Minsk on June 5.

The diplomat referred to EU foreign ministers` directives that called for more long-term and multi-entry Schengen visas to be issued to Belarusians even in the absence of a visa facilitation deal between the EU and Belarus.

The percentage of Belarusian visa applicants who are denied a Schengen visa is one of the lowest in the world, according to Mr. Richard. While Schengen visa rules are quite tough, there is a favorable attitude to Belarusian visa applicants, he said.

He warned that a visa may be annulled in some cases, including if the recipient cancelled his hotel booking.

A representative of the Italian embassy said that there was an individual approach to each visa application and warned that people who obtained one country`s visa but planned to travel to a different one may have the visa annulled.


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