Ukraine Must Complete all Technical Tasks by Late August to Obtain Visa-Free Travel to EU in 2016

Ukraine must complete all the technical tasks it has been set by the EU by late August 2015 to be granted a visa-free regime in 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said.

“This is not long to come, but we need the relevant breakthrough to make the good finish. All technical tasks are to be fulfilled by late August, as in September we’re waiting for the EU mission. I personally will control the tough schedule every day, and the government must feel the large responsibility they have,” Poroshenko said while addressing the parliament in his annual speech on Thursday.

“Once again we felt powerful European unity at the Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia. Despite the fact that Ukraine is in a state of war, despite the fact that part of our border is not under our control contrary to our desire, despite the fact that there are thousands and hundreds of thousands of refugees exiled by Russia from their living places… the prospect of visa free regime was first registered in the calendar,” Poroshenko said.


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