Eight EU Missions to Come to Kyiv to Assess Ukraine’s Implementation of Visa-Free Regime Plan

Starting from Monday, August 31, eight EU missions will come to Kyiv to check Ukraine’s implementation of its obligations under the plan to achieve visa-free travel to the EU, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said.

“Starting on Monday, we’ll have eight EU missions. We must prove what we have already done and what else has to be done, so that on December 15 this commission could make a positive conclusion. The European Commission could then issue the final positive report and in 2016 this decision on implementation of the visa-free regime could become a reality,” Klimkin said at a meeting of the government on Friday.

Klimkin added that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is working on establishing visa-free travel with other countries.

“As of today, Ukrainians can go to 46 countries without visas, and with diplomatic and service passports – to 85 countries. I’m sure that we can drastically increase, maybe even, double these figures. The world has to be open for Ukrainians,” Klimkin said.

Source: en.interfax.com.ua

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