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Forum for Young Professionals „Europe Lab”

Vilnius/Raseiniai, 22-25.07.2015

 Europe Lab k mrozekAs a part of our contribution to the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, we co-organised “Europe Lab”, Forum for Young Professionals, in Lithuania. Some 100 people from Russia, Eastern Europe and the EU participated in the event.

During these few days there were organised panel discussions with experts and politicians, along with workshops for participants. Nearly 20 people took part in our workshop, dedicated to cross-border cooperation, migration and visas.

The aim of the “Europe Lab” was networking of young professionals, interested in similar issues (like historic memory or cross-border cooperation) but working and living in different parts of our continent. Outcomes will consist of group project, presented at the EU-Russia CSF annual General Assembly in Budapest this December.

Europe Lab” replaced “Pilorama Lab”, organised in former concentration camp in Perm and discontinued following increasing repressions against Russian NGOs.

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