Georgian Goverment Launches Media Campaign on Visa-Free Travel

Georgia is stepping up its efforts as it works towards visa-free travel with the European Union (EU) by launching a large-scale media campaign in the country.

Today a nationwide media campaign covering newspapers and magazines, local television and radio stations and the Internet, launched in Georgia to inform the nation of Georgia’s progress of implementing the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan (VLAP).

The Government-led campaign was an obligatory part of the third stage of VLAP; it offered detailed information about Georgia’s efforts to gain visa-free travel to the EU.

The videos, covering visa-free travel related topics, will be broadcast in Georgian, Abkhazian, Ossetian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian languages.

The video in Georgian explains the rules of visa-free travel. Video was developed by Georgia’s MFA:

Georgia’s State Ministry of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration stated the campaign aimed to inform the public of the opportunities they will get and the responsibilities they will have if Georgia successfully completes the visa liberalisation process.

“To effectively implement the campaign, the Government of Georgia has devised an Action Plan that aims to provide detailed information about visa-free travel to the country’s population by means of direct communication,” said the Ministry.

“One important component of the campaign is to spread information in print, on the Internet, on TV and on radio stations,” said the Ministry in a statement.

Detailed information about visa-free travel regulations is available on the Georgian Foreign Ministry’s website


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