Poroshenko: Failure to Abolish MP Immunity will Hinder Introduction of the EU Visa-Free Regime

At a meeting of the National Council of Reforms, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU for Ukrainian citizens must not be disrupted by the unwillingness of MPs to adopt acts on the abolition of parliamentary and judicial immunity.

“The EU considers this to be a very important element of struggle against corruption. I would like you to consider this issue as soon as possible,” he said.

Poroshenko said that every political party in the governing coalition has promised to the electorate to abolish immunity.

“You’ve written it down in the Coalition Agreement. Pluck up your courage and make this decision. I am hopeful that the people’s deputies will act as responsible statesmen and will not try to restore the caste of untouchables by preserving privileges for several hundred MPs at the cost of the visa-free regime for millions of Ukrainians,” he said.

Source: en.interfax.com.ua

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