E.U. may include a special provision in visa-free regime agreement with Ukraine – reports

The E.U. may add a special provision to its visa liberalization agreement with Ukraine, allowing to terminate the visa-free regime if Ukraine does not fulfill its obligations, according to a German news outlet Welt am Sonntag citing its sources in E.U. diplomatic circles.

The introduction of the visa-free regime for Turkey, previously planned for July, will likely not happen since some of the E.U. member states, among which are Germany and France, insist on a conclusion of special agreement concerning visa liberalisation.

“This agreement will include a so-called paragraph of action delay, that can be put into action in case Turkey does not adhere to previously signed treaties on refugees’ proper return from Greece, the adequate protection of refugees or human rights’ observance,” Welt’s source said.

He added if the agreement is approved, the paragraph can cancel previously introduced visa-free regime in a rather short period of time.

Welt also reports that similar paragraphs may be included in agreement on visa liberalization for Ukraine, Georgia, and Kosovo.

The final decision has not been approved yet, but it is expected to be made soon as this topic is set to be intensively discussed during the meeting of E.U. member states interior ministers in Luxemburg on April 21.

Source: http://uatoday.tv

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