EU supporting better coordination on border between Azerbaijan and Georgia

Experts from the EU and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have been working with the State Border Services of Azerbaijan to determine which areas within the border service unit need additional training in a series of meetings held between 11 and 13 April. The event was part of a project, co-funded by the EU, and aimed to enhance coordination on the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Experts from Austria and Romania, in partnership with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, provided advice to the border services on ways to enhance their human resources capacities – from modernising their recruitment systems to preparation of a special training programme that would meet border service requirements, a press release from the Eastern Partnership Forum for Migration and Asylum said.
The project ‘Better coordination of protection of the land border between Azerbaijan and Georgia’ aims to improve the operational capacities of the border agencies of Azerbaijan and Georgia. This is done by organising and carrying out coordinated operations at the green border, with an eventual positive impact on the security in the region and the whole European Neighbourhood. The project is supported by the EU, UNDP  and the State Border Service of Azerbaijan.
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