Georgia to receive final result in terms of visa liberalization in summer – Minister of Energy

Vice PM of Georgia Kakha Kaladze believes that Georgia will receive the final result in terms of visa liberalization in summer.

‘I am sure we will receive the result our country has been fighting for years. This is the path chosen by the Georgian people in times of Zviad Gamsakhurdia and Merab Kostava. We have passed a very complicated path. Very significant reforms were conducted by our government. Great steps were made in terms of democracy and I think nothing can hinder this movement. I understand National Movement has its narrow inter-party interests that are against our democratic development and aspiration to Euro integration,’ he said.

‘I believe we will receive visa-free travel in summer as it has been announced and I also believe other members of EPP do not think like their colleague,’ Vice PM said.

As EPP honored President Joseph Daul has told Rustavi 2, the EPP group will support visa liberalization if Georgia’s parliamentary elections are conducted freely and fairly.


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