Moldovan parliament ratifies Moldova-Kazakhstan readmission agreement

The parliament adopted a draft law ratifying the implementation protocol to the Moldovan-Kazakh governmental agreement on the readmission of illegal residents.

The document aims to combat illegal immigration and to readmit illegal residents of both states, as well as to consolidate bilateral partnerships in the migration management field.

According to the draft law, “each contracting party commits to accept on its territory, at the request of the other contracting party, any person who meets or does not meet the entrance, stay or residence conditions anymore on the territory of the requesting state, if proven that the person is a national of the requested state”.

The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and shall enter into force on the thirtieth day from the receipt of the last written notification through diplomatic channels, regarding the internal procedures required for its entry into force.

According to latest statistics, 762 Moldovan citizens have temporary or permanent residence permits on Kazakhstan’s territory. There are 189 Kazakhs in Moldova and 124 of them have permanent residence permits, know  the language and are employed.


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