Belarus border committee: Demarcation of border with Ukraine proceeds as planned

Belarus will continue demarcation works on the border with Ukraine in accordance with the plan, spokesman for the Belarusian State Border Committee Alexander Tishchenko told BelTA.
Commenting on reports in some media that residents of Volyn Region have made attempts to prevent the Belarusian specialists to carry out the demarcation works and that the works were suspended, Alexander Tishchenko said: “Yes, there were the attempts. But the demarcation will proceed in accordance with the plan.” Alexander Tishchenko expressed confidence that the Ukrainian side will deal with the problem and explain the situation to local residents.
Earlier Oleg Slobodyan, a representative of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, said that residents of Volyn region were rallying because the water canal which they used to wash amber turned out to be on the territory of Belarus, behind the demarcation line.
Alexander Tishchenko explained that demarcation is carried out in accordance with the delimitation maps and no sign is installed without approval from the Ukrainian side. There were similar problems related to the perception of the real border by local residents in Lithuania and Latvia, but these problems were settled in a civilized manner. “Having that experience we, therefore, hope that there will be no problems with the demarcation of the border with Ukraine. People will have to get rid of old habits and deal with the reality. After all, this is the state border,” Alexander Tishchenko noted.


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