Information Brochure on Visa Free Travel to the EU

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia has launched an informational campaign on visa free travel to the EU. Citizens of Georgia collecting passports will be provided the necessary information on the matter for which a special leaflet was developed explaining rules and regulations of visa free travel. Georgian citizens collecting their passports at Public Service Halls, Community Centers and territorial offices of the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia will be given the leaflet by the front desk operators who undergone the special training in order to explain the necessary details to interested citizens.

The leaflet contains all related information including the list of visa-free countries, length and purpose of stay, and the list of required documents. The information campaign aims at timely informing Georgian citizens on the rules they should know when traveling to the EU.

Visa Free Travel to the EU (Georgian)

Visa Free Travel to the EU (Russian)


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