The President of the Bundestag says Germany welcomes Georgia’s visa-free travel to EU

Today Georgia’s Prime Minister has met President of the German Bundestag (the national Parliament of Germany) Norbert Lammert in Germany.

The two top officials spoke about Georgia-Germany bilateral relations, the importance of Georgia’s democratic reforms, Georgia’s visa liberalisation process with the European Union (EU) and the country’s general Euro-Atlantic intentions.

Lammert stressed Germany “welcomed” Georgia’s success in terms of gaining a visa-free travel regime to the EU’s Schengen Zone, and he praised the work carried out through the Georgia-EU Association Agreement and the country’s democratic reforms.

Germany was one of three countries that went against Georgia’s visa-free travel in the EU.  Foreign media reported crimes committed by Georgian nationals in Germany, mainly robberies and burglaries, was the reason of the last-minute refusal, as well as the current migrant crises in Europe.

Germany was supported by Belgium and France in the refusal.

Discussing of Georgia’s visa liberalisation issues in the Council  and Parliament of Europe was postponed until September 2016.  Georgia has already deserved high assessments from the European Commission, which said the country met all the obligations for the visa-free travel.

At the meeting Prime Minister Kvirikashvili said his country was eager to enhance ties with Germany.


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