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Moldovan citizens to be able to watch online situation in terms of crossing state border

The Border Police launched an application, Traffic Online (Online Traffic), through which one would be able to watch, in real time, the average period of waiting time at border checkpoints for all categories of transport means.

”The new application was developed in order to back the people crossing the border of Moldova through the present motor traffic border checkpoints, thus giving possibility to opt for choosing a less crowded route. The online application may be accessed from any device with access to Internet,” a press release by the Border Police reads.

To watch the situation at any border, people willing to do this, may access the official page,, and after clicking the column, Traffic online, Moldova’s map will be opened with all the functional checkpoints, both at the border with Romania and at the one with Ukraine. Three colours, by which the indicators of the checkpoints are marked, will change depending on the average period of waiting at these points. The green colour will show a waiting time up to 30 minutes, the yellow colour – up to 60 minutes and the red one will signal the fact that the concerned checkpoint is quite demanded and the waiting time exceeds one hour.

The assessing of the average time will be calculated for each direction separately (entrance/exit), starting from the moment when the transport means is at turnpike till it leaves the checkpoint. Thus, this calculation does not include only the control carried out by policemen at border, but also by other institutions with duties at the frontier. If a detailed control is carried out, with the exceeding of the stipulated deadline, the vehicle will be transferred to the second control line, in a separate location, without influencing the average period of waiting at the checkpoint where vehicles stand.

The information on waiting time while crossing the state border will be provided by regional traffic controller’s rooms and will be periodically updated each hour.


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