Border management plan shows progress for Ukraine, says EU Advisory Mission

A senior official in the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Ukraine has said that a new plan for border management in Ukraine will promote stability and growth. The EUAM provided strategic advice for the Action Plan, which aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies working in border management in line with best European practice.
Head of Strategic Civilian Security Sector Reform Brian Richard said the Action Plan for Integrated Border Management (IBM), which came into force, “is a sign that Ukraine is making progress in integrating IBM.” In an interview with EUAM Ukraine, Brian Richard also called for improvements in coordination and cooperation at all levels.
In particular, he proposed to delineate competencies between different agencies, to enhance  investigative powers of the Border Guard Service through training, and to encourage transparency as an important part of the democratic reform process, as well as information sharing.
IBM is a system which promotes cross-border and inter-agency coordination and cooperation. Implementation of the concept will help Ukraine enhance security at the border and meet international obligations, including those relating to visa liberalisation.
The EUAM is a non-executive mission of the European Union. It aims to assist Ukrainian authorities in the sustainable reform of the civilian security sector through strategic advice and hands-on support for specific reform measures based on EU standards and international principles of good governance and human rights.
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