Rules of temporary residence and labour migration in Azerbaijan amended

Employment of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan becomes easier as now they are provided with opportunity to work with no special permit.

Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers has amended the rules of temporary stay and labour migration for foreign citizens and stateless persons. Thus, the Cabinet approved a list of persons entitled to bring foreign nationals to work with no need in special permit.

The recent presidential decree established the rule that foreigners can work in Azerbaijan for three months without obtaining a special permit if they are invited by state organizations or companies with state participation as consultants, coaches etc.

Thus, the list of persons includes local physical and legal individuals falling under the relevant decree – they may involve foreign specialists in a number of fields to work and for the provision of services.

The amendment also applies to organizations fully established by foreigners or having at least one foreign founder – now they can invite head or his/her deputies from abroad.

Today Azerbaijan has joined a number of international conventions, aligned its national legislation with international standards and built a robust legal framework in the field of labour migration.

Compared to last year, when about 20,000 labor migrants were registered in Azerbaijan, in the current year this figure has already exceeded 30,000.

Azerbaijan is an attractive destination for migrants due to its economic advancements and the government’s effective policy to create new jobs and improve the living standards. Therefore speedy development of the country has led to an increase in the number of labour migrants coming to Azerbaijan.

All foreigners wishing to work in Azerbaijan can apply for that on the website of Azerbaijani State Migration Service to obtain permission for work or extend the period of their employment in the country.

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