Posted on 25.10.2016 in Belarus, Featured, News

Road signs for visa-free tourists in Grodno District

Special road signs will be erected for tourists in Grodno District to inform them about the end of the visa-free travels zone, BelTA learned from representatives of the Education, Sport, and Tourism Department of the Grodno District Executive Committee.
More than twenty road signs are being installed on the main motorways in Grodno District. The signs designed to inform tourists about the end of the visa-free travels zone will be installed at borders of rural councils and the populated localities inside the visa-free travels zone.

Information on the road signs will be available in Russian, Polish, and English since most of the visitors in the region speak these languages. The signs will use a black font on a yellow background and will be hard to miss. Some of the signs were installed on the M6 Minsk-Grodno motorway on 25 October.

Plans have also been made to install more road signs on the main roads in Grodno District to direct tourists to major places of interest, hotels, catering and retail outlets.
BelTA reported earlier that foreign tourists will be able to visit the tourism and recreation park Augustow Canal without visas as from 26 October. Foreign citizens will have to produce their passport (or another document for travels abroad) and the document confirming their right to visit the Augustow Canal. Tourists are required to have money to finance the costs associated with staying in Belarus and leaving the country. In particular, tourists will need to have at least two base amounts per day in Belarusian rubles or a foreign currency. Visa-free travels will be available till 31 December 2017.
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