Posted on 22.12.2016 in Featured, Moldova, News

Moldova to initiate negotiations with Colombia on visa regime abolition

On December 21, the Cabinet decided to initiate negotiations on a draft agreement between the Moldovan government and the Colombian government on abolition of visa regime for short stay up to 90 days for ordinary passports holders.

The project was proposed by Colombia and comes into category of intergovernmental treaties monitoring the conditions for entry, stay and transit through the territories of Moldova and Colombia by the holders of ordinary passports, ship crew IDs and seaman cards. Agreement has to be concluded for an indefinite period.

According to the European Commission report from 29 October 2014 Colombia met the criteria necessary to start negotiating an agreement on visa liberalization with EU. Free regime came into force on 03 December 2015.

In July 2016 the Governments of Moldova and Colombia started negotiations on abolition of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, service and official passports.

Moldovan citizens can enter without visas in around 70 countries.


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