Armenia reaches new agreement with the EU

The European Union and Armenia have agreed on a new pact tightening political ties, reports RFE/RL.

Talks on the agreement concluded during a visit to Brussels by Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian on February 27.

It is expected to be signed later this year, possibly in May.

Armenia negotiated an Association Agreement that included a free-trade deal with the EU in 2013, but the same year rejected to sign an agreement.

The negotiations on a new agreement with the EU started in December 2015.

Accordrding to RFE report, it is less ambitious than the agreement that was abandoned in 2013, most notably lacking a free trade area component — which Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine now have as part of their agreements with the EU. But it will upgrade political relations between Brussels and Yerevan, which are currently based on a Partnership and Cooperation agreement that entered into force in 1999.

Photo:  European Union