Other documents - Belarus

Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme 2005-2006
28 May 2004
“This document establishes the strategic framework (CSP, Section I) and the overall planning (NIP, Section II) within which EC assistance will be provided during the period 2005-2006.
The Indicative Programme for assistance to Belarus (Section II) focuses on the objectives and priority fields of cooperation, along with setting out the main lines of programmes to be developed, establishing the expected results and impact indicators, and spelling out risks and assumptions for execution of such programmes. [..]
Against the background of the EU enlargement and the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy, the long-term goals of the EU are that Belarus be a democratic, stable, reliable, and increasingly prosperous partner with which the enlarged EU will share not only common borders, but also a common agenda driven by shared values.”

“What the European Union could bring to Belarus” (non-paper)
November 2006
The document lists mutual benefits from the successful cooperation and rapprochement of the EU and Belarus. Steps such as ensuring easier travel by Belarusian citizens to EU countries simplifying contacts across the border and making border-crossing easier for local people through cooperation with Belarus’ neighbours were mentioned as measures towards developing more and better contacts between the EU and Belarus.

Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on ‘The implementation of the Eastern Partnership Initiative in Belarus and the development of cooperation between local and regional authorities in Belarus and the EU,
10 February 2011
“35. encourages the border regions in the EU Member States of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in particular to continue to step up cross-border cooperation with municipalities and regional authorities in Belarus, for example in the following areas:
— border traffic, customs, promoting mobility (visa facilitation) to simplify the cross-border movement of  travellers and make it easier for people from Belarus and bordering EU countries to meet one another.”

Statement № 12 “On the limitations of freedom of movement for citizens of Belarus”
15 March 2012
The statement by The Committee of Intermational Control (CIC) on obeying the human rights in Belarus, refering to the recent renewed practices of limiting the freedom of movement especially for civic and human rights activists, journalists and representatives of political parties.