Other documents - Moldova

Establishes objectives for effective political, economical and institutional reforms in Moldova. The Action Plan creates basis for a further constructive dialogue on visa co-operation between the EU and Moldova, including criteria and the procedure for the issue of visas and possibilities of visa facilitations.

“In line with the priorities of the EU-Moldova Action Plan, assistance in this area will focus on migration issues (including readmission, visa and asylum), border management, fighting terrorism and organised crime, including trafficking in human beings and drugs and the illicit spread of small arms and light weapons, corruption, money laundering and police and judicial reform and cooperation.”

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
“Due to its geography and the size of its migration flows compared to its total population, Moldova is probably the EU’s Eastern neighbour with the highest intensity of people-to-people interaction with the EU. Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements entered into force in January 2008. A pilot Mobility Partnership was signed in June 2008 and is being actively implemented together with the EC and some EU Member States. Cooperation on migration issues is already being supported by various programmes and donors, but the related issues of labour market reform and education will require specific attention.”

Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of Moldova on the readmission of persons residing without authorisation 19 December 2007
The readmission agreement outlines conditions of taking back illegally residents in the signatory countries. It covers not only the EU and Moldovan nationals, but also third country nationals and stateless persons (with e.g. visa or resident permit). The agreement guarantees full respect of Human Rights as provided by the European Convention of Human Rights.

Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of Moldova on the facilitation of the issuance of visas 1 January 2008
The Visa Facilitation agreement enables Moldovan citizens to obtain short-stay visas for the EU easier and for a lower fee (35 EUR instead of 60 EUR, or free of charge for certain applicants). Frequent travellers will be able to obtain multiple=entry visas with long period of validity. The agreement also reduces the number of documents required for certain visa applicants and exempts holders of diplomatic passports from the visa obligation.

Joint Declaration on a Mobility Partnerships between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova
21 May 2008
Objective: Further strengthening the dialogue and cooperation on visa issues and readmission;  promotion of the enlargement of the Common Visa Application Centre with interested Member States.

Conclusions on the Republic of Moldova, 3041st FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting Luxembourg
25 October 2010
“The Council reiterates the importance of people-to-people contacts and welcomes the opening in June 2010 of the visa dialogue examining the conditions for visa-free travel of citizens of the Republic of Moldova to the EU as a long-term goal. On the basis of the exploratory phase of the dialogue, the Council underlines the achievements made so far, the existing challenges and the importance of further reform efforts by the Republic of Moldova, and invites the Commission to prepare a draft action plan,[…] setting out all the conditions to be met by the Republic of Moldova before the possible establishment of a visa-free travel regime.”

First progress report of the implementation by the Republic of Moldova of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation
September 2011
The European Commission’s evaluation of progress made by Moldova in fulfiling technical criteria necessary to establish vise-free travel regime in such areas as document security, irregular migration, including readmission, public order and security, external relations and fundamental rights.